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December 2016 – compensation for the delayed and lost baggage

A consumer from Lithuania had a flight from Vilnius to London to attend her sister’s wedding. When the consumer arrived to London she did not receive her checked baggage. There were all clothes and presents for her sister’s wedding. The consumer filled special document (PIR) at the airport. As the consumer had to attend a wedding and all necessary things were in the missing baggage, she had to purchase necessary things for the wedding. Later the consumer turned to the air carrier requesting to compensate necessary expenses she suffered. The air carrier offered to compensate only 50 percent, motivating that purchased items will be used in the future. The consumer did not agree with the air carrier’s offer. As the baggage was missing more than 21 days, the air carrier admitted the loss of the checked baggage. The consumer did not agree with the compensation offered by the air carrier and turned to the European Consumer Centre in Lithuania. The complaint was shared with the European Consumer Centre in Hungry and thanks to the cooperation of both centers, the air carrier paid to consumer almost 900 EUR compensation.
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