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August 2017 – a baggage damaged during the flight

A registered baggage of a consumer from Lithuania was damaged during a flight from London to Vilnius. When the consumer took her baggage at Vilnius airport, she filled Property Irregularity Report, where it was stated that the baggage is damaged irreparably. The consumer turned with a complaint to the air carrier registered in Ireland and asked for compensation for the damaged baggage. The air carrier offered to change the damaged luggage to a new one and the consumer agreed. The consumer provided an address where to send a new luggage, but did not receive it. Couple times she turned to the representatives of the air carrier reminding their obligation and got only promises to deliver the luggage, but they were not fulfilled. The consumer could not solve the dispute with the air carrier herself and turned to the European Consumer Centre in Lithuania. The complaint was shared with the European Consumer Centre in Ireland. Thanks to the cooperation of both centers, the consumer received the new luggage instead of the damaged one.  
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