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April 2017 – compensation for the night in Rome because train delay

A consumer from Lithuania during her trip in Italy at Perugia train station purchased train tickets Perugia-Rome-Aversa. Connection at Rome was 20 minutes. The train from Perugia to Rome was late about 45 minutes and the consumer missed the last train to Aversa. The consumer had to spend a night in Rome. She booked a room in a hotel. The next day the consumer took a train to Aversa. The consumer did not buy a new ticket, but used the one from the previous day. Ticket controllers asked her why she has the ticket with previous day’s date, but the consumer explained the situation and they did not ask her to buy new ticket. After return home, the consumer turned to the carrier which is registered in Italy and asked to compensate hotel expenses in Rome. The carrier refused to pay compensation stating that there was a technical failure and they are not responsible in such case if the train is delayed. The consumer could not solve the dispute with the carrier himself and turned to the European Consumer Centre in Lithuania. The complaint was shared with the European Consumer Centre in Italy and thanks to the cooperation of both centers, the carrier paid compensation to cover the hotel expenses.
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