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Western Union Refunds after fraud
Consumers who lost money to a scammer using Western Union during the period January 1, 2004 and January 19, 2017, can now file a claim to apply for a refund.
November 2017 - the right of withdrawal
A consumer from Latvia ordered a shaving machine online from a trader registered in Lithuania. When the consumer received the ordered shaving machine, he wanted to use the right of withdrawal – in 14 days to return the item and receive back the money.

August 2017 – a baggage damaged during the flight
A registered baggage of a consumer from Lithuania was damaged during a flight from London to Vilnius. When the consumer took her baggage at Vilnius airport, she filled Property Irregularity Report, where it was stated that the baggage is damaged irreparably.
January 2018 – no money refund for the returned faulty shoes
A consumer from Lithuania ordered shoes online from a seller registered in Latvia. When the consumer received the shoes, she noticed that they are faulty. She filled return form and send back to the seller together with the faulty shoes.
October 2017 - Compensation for the damaged parcel
A consumer from Lithuania ordered parcel shipping service from a company registered in Netherlands. Parcel had be to delivered from Portugal to Lithuania, but did not reach its destination and was returned damaged to the sender‘s address in Portugal.
July 2017 – mixed shoes
A consumer from Lithuania during her trip in Poland purchased 3 pairs of shoes. The seller put the chosen shoes to boxes, the consumer paid and returned back home. Only when she came back home to Lithuania, she noticed that the shoes in one box are different.
December 2017 - Double payment for winter tyres
A consumer from Lithuania booked a car by internet from a car rental company registered in Italy. Winter tires were included in the price, but after the rental period the consumer noticed that additional charge from his credit card for the winter tires was withdrawn by the car rental company.

September 2017 – illegaly charged administration fee
A consumer from Lithuania concluded a car rental agreement with a service provider in Italy. The rented car was returned in time and the representative of the service provider signed that the car was returned without damages. After more than half a year the consumer checked her bank account and noticed that the car rental company charged her 42,70 EUR.
June 2017 – too high fee for the late return of the rented car
A consumer from Lithuania rented a car with additional insurance from a car rental company in Italy. Due to the accident on the road the consumer returned the rented car about 1.5 hours later than stated in the rental agreement.
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